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Auto Accidents

and Injury Therapy

Primacare Physical Therapy auto accidents

Primacare Physical Therapy has the best and qualified professionals to treat various post surgical and also non surgical conditions related to auto accidents.

Have you been in a car accident?  If so, you may have sustained some kind of injury. Depending on the severity of the accident, injuries might include: 

-Pain & stiffness in the head, neck, and shoulders and back


-A loss and /or reduction of mobility in the neck and back 


-An onset of headaches


-A tingling and numbness in the arm(s) and leg(s)


-Symptoms of dizziness and fatigue

- Knee and ankle injuries sustained during the accident

- Whiplash to the neck and back 

Your pain from auto accident injuries can interfere with your life and progress over time.


If you’ve sustained any musculoskeletal-related injuries from an auto accident, you should see your primary care doctor or go directly l for physical therapy.

Benefits you’ll experience from therapy include:

Reduce your pain Our physical therapists can help relieve muscle, joint, ligament, tendon, and nerve pain using manual (hands-on) therapy techniques, modalities such as TENS, &/or therapeutic exercise.


Minimize your use of pain medications The pain relief you experience from physical therapy may help decrease your need to take pain medication or minimize the length of time you need the medication.


Reduce your recovery time Physical therapy promotes healing by restoring function and mobility. Our physical therapist will work with you to improve your flexibility, strength, range of motion, and you’ll notice improved overall function for daily activities.


Long-term damage prevention Injury symptoms may worsen over time, even lingering for months or years after the car accident, making it vital that you receive physical therapy as soon as possible, to lessen the likelihood of chronic pain as well as degenerative disc disease later in life.


Avoid or delay your need for surgery Depending on your injury, physical therapy can help you heal so that surgery is not necessary. If surgery is needed, physical therapy may make it possible for the orthopedic surgeon to use a less invasive approach. Participating in physical therapy before and after surgery will speed up your recovery.

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